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Road Construction Project on Pearl Street

Most residents have probably noticed the Pearl St. sidewalk, road resurfacing, sewer, storm & water line improvements are underway.  Please check back here regularly for updates on the project.  We have also posted information here on the scope of the project.  

Project Updates:
5/19/2023: We hit ledge.  Unfortunately this means hammering out the ledge and potentially blasting.  
2023-05-19 Pearl St Ledge - Copy (3)

5/16/2023: The scope of the project has been updated to include replacing the sewer line on Pearl Street from the intersection with Park Street to Free Street and the entirety of Free Street.  After further investigating the condition of this segment of sewer line and the condition of sewer lateral from homes connecting into it, the Town will now be replacing the entire sewer main on Pearl Street.  

Text My Gov Road Project Updates

Project Overview:
The engineering is complete, and after a second round we have awarded the sewer replacement bid to Eastwood Contractors Inc.  Eastwood began that work on April 17 and is estimated to be complete by mid September.  Eastwood will be staging equipment and materials at the Legion Hall.   

As part of the bid process, we asked that the chosen contractor offer a fixed price (per linear foot) to residents wishing to replace private sewer laterals (the pipe that connects your home or office to the main sewer line in the road).  The bid price for private sewer lateral replacement cost is $100 per linear foot.  If it is found that private sewer laterals sewer laterals are in need of replacement, the homeowner will be notified, and the sewer lines will need to be replaced at the homeowner’s expense. Properly functioning sewer laterals keep wastewater from leaching out into the environment and rainwater from infiltrating the sewer system.  

A second part of the project is the potable water main replacement. The water line replacement is being done by the Maine Water Company which is an investor-owned utility operating independently of the Town of Camden.  The main water line and laterals to each of the Pearl St. homes are being replaced between Free St. to 73 Pearl St (the entrance to the Applewood Apartments). This part of the project started in the Fall of last year and resumed on April 3rd  of this year.   The contractor performing the work for The Maine Water Company is Jake Barbour Inc (JBI).  The water line part of the project is expected to be complete around June 30th 2023. 

 The third part of the project is focused on stormwater improvements and will be completed by the Town of Camden Public Works Department. The first phase of the stormwater improvements consists of installing 6-inch lateral lines on the West side of Pearl St. between Free St and Willow St.  This part of the project is expected to begin May 8th and be complete June 9th.  The second phase of the storm water improvements will also consist of installing 5 additional catch basins and connecting main storm water line between 55 Pearl St. and the intersection of Oak St. This part of the project will begin June 9th and be mostly complete by July 14th  

Once the majority of the underground infrastructure is completed, which should be around mid-August, the old sidewalk will be removed and the remaining road asphalt will be ground/recycled into base material that can be graded and shaped to form the new road subbase.  On top of the new subbase, the first layer of pavement (called binder) will be installed.  This is estimated to be done around the end of July. The next step will be to install new curbing on the majority of both sides of the road.  This will begin around late August and should be complete by early September.  Once the curbing is installed, the sidewalk will be backfilled with gravel and compacted. This is estimated to be complete by the 18th of September.  Between mid to late September the remaining paving of the sidewalk and final course of pavement will be completed.  This will leave clean up, loaming, and seeding the disturbed area as well as street tree planting, with the estimated final completion being done in October.   

Project Documents:

Engineering Plans
Bid Documents
Contract Documents

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