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Personal Property Taxes are levied against all furniture, fixtures, computers, software, machinery and equipment of business assets.  The tax rate is the same rate as applied to taxable real estate. Assets located in Camden on April 1 are taxed in Camden and are required to be reported to Camden. The Assessor's Office mails a request for a true and perfect list of all business assets in February and the deadline for filing is May 1st.  A 30-day extension can be requested by emailing your request to

Note: Failure to file a true and perfect list of assets bars a taxpayer's right to appeal his or her valuation for that year, per 36 M.R.S.§ 706-A. If a business does not exist as of April 1, the taxpayer's failure to notify the Assessor's Office by May 1st will result in issuance of a tax bill.

While this is no one's favorite subject we do try to make it as painless as possible and do as much of it for you as we can. 

In the top right corner of the Schedule Form we have noted your account number and which program your business is eligible for; BETE or BETR.  We even include the BETE form for you to sign and return if you are eligible.

Due Dates to Remember
PP Schedule Form 5/1/2024
BETE Application 5/1/2024
BETR Application 12/31/2024

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