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Tax Maps & GIS

Camden Tax Maps
A sound municipal valuation relies on a complete set of tax maps.  An assessor must know where a property is located in the municipality and how much land makes up a parcel before an assessment can be made.  Maintenance of the existing maps happens as new deeds are filed.  Revision of the tax maps happens every year to reflect the status of all property as of April 1. 

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Camden GIS Shape Files *coming soon*
Centroids (Map Block Lot)
Road Names
Street Numbers
Sewer Lines
Miscellaneous Lines

Maine GeoLibrary Data Catalog click here
The mission of the GeoLibrary was set by legislature in state statutes; Title 5, Part 4, Chapter 163 2001 through 2006. The Board seeks to expand and promote the value of geographic spatial data through widespread distribution and innovative use for the benefit of Maine's citizens.  The Maine Library of Geographic Information is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive, and ever expanding portal to public geospatial information and services. The vision for the GeoLibrary encompasses:
    • Stewardship of priority, statewide digital geospatial data and associated technology through the GeoLibrary Portal.
    • Facilitating the modernization and GIS development of local government land records, and promoting innovative uses of public information that fosters economic development
    • Multiagency data-sharing cooperation that results in significant savings in the cost of creating and maintaining geodata.
    • Budgeting and revenue development that prioritizes the strategic importance of geospatial information.
    • An education and outreach program that educates state and local government officials and representatives on the benefits of GIS.

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