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Public Health and Safety

Welcome to the Town of Camden Public Health & Safety page. This information is provided to help promote and ensure community public health. Your Local Health Officer is part of the public health system established by Maine Statute.

The Local Health Officer monitors the community through identifying and/or responding to trends and immediate health risks to individuals or the community through local health resources and resident communications.

Your Local Health Officer serves the community by:

  1. Reporting, prevention, and suppression of diseases and conditions dangerous to health
  2. Reporting facts on communicable diseases, including reporting notifiable communicable diseases
  3. Receiving and evaluating complaints of nuisances with a potential public health threat
  4. Consulting with the Maine Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) when reasonable cause in suspecting communicable disease
  5. Ordering the suppression or removal of public health threats
  6. Enforcing rules of the town & state regarding infectious disease control
  7. Supporting tenant’s and property owner’s health concerns
  8. Providing resource for the health and safety of the community

To report unhealthy dwelling conditions, or other public health and safety concerns please call 207-236-7950.

Need Help?

Call 211 for free, confidential information and referral service connecting people of all ages across Maine to local support and services. 211 Maine is based in Maine and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Specialists are trained, confidential and friendly; knowing that everyone may need help sometimes.

Call 211 or visit for more.


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