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Business Licenses

Apply for Select Board Licenses:  Victulaer/Lodging/Special Amusement or Assembly Permits 

The Town Manager’s office is now using licensing software through iWorQ to allow for online application and management information for Select Board licenses. You now have the option to pay online or if you prefer you can download the application and submit hard copy through mail with the appropriate fee.  The link below will take you to the online portal.

Victualer & Lodging License Requirements

Any person who operates as an innkeeper, victualer or tavernkeeper.

  • Innkeeper – A person who keeps (operates) an inn, hotel, motel or other lodging establishment to provide lodging to travelers and others for compensation. Examples:  Inns, Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, Motels, Campgrounds, RV parks
  • Victualer – A person who serves food or drink prepared for consumption on the premises by the public (note that the person need not charge for the food or drink to be deemed a victualer). Examples:  Restaurants, cafeterias, food carts, grocery stores with lunch counters, ice cream shops, coffee shops.  Does not include convenience or grocery stores that do not allow consumption on premises.
  • Tavernkeeper – A person who operates a tavern, bar, lounge or other establishment where alcoholic beverages are served for consumption on the premises by the public. Examples:  Bars, lounges, social clubs serving alcoholic beverages, shops offering wine / beer tastings.  Does not include establishments licensed for off-premises sales only.

The term “person” includes individuals, firms, corporations, associations, partnerships or other organizations.  An establishment need not be permanent for the licensing requirements to apply.  Seasonal businesses as well as holders of limited duration events will be required to obtain a license if they otherwise qualify as innkeepers, victualers or tavernkeepers.

Assembly Permit
Anyone who sponsors an outdoor assembly must obtain an Assembly Permit from the Select Board  if in excess of 400 people are anticipated to attend.  Activities sponsored by the Town of Camden or by SAD 28, and public assemblies for purposes of town government are expressly excluded from the licensing requirement of this ordinance.

Sidewalk or Rights of Way Encumbrances

§ 231-19 Granting of permission on a temporary basis.

  1. Notwithstanding any other provision of this article, the Town Manager may grant permission on a temporary basis for scaffolding, ladders and other property, construction, repair or maintenance equipment to be located within, upon or over a sidewalk; the duration and scope of permission shall be provided, in writing, to the applicant in the Town Manager's sole discretion. The Town Manager shall consider safety of pedestrians, construction workers and vehicles on or about the sidewalk or in the Town way. The applicant shall provide a written application depicting the equipment to be used and its location in relation to buildings, sidewalk, and Town way. The applicant shall demonstrate that it has provided for the free and safe movement of pedestrians and vehicular traffic.
  2. Notwithstanding any other provision of this article, a nonprofit group may locate a table on a sidewalk where there is at least eight feet of width, provided that permission is granted by the owner/occupant of the abutting business premises and provided the table does not become an obstruction as defined herein.

Liquor Licensing
State of Maine Liquor Licensing.  This License allows you to offer wine and beer at your establishment.  Please contact the State of Maine, Liquor License Division with any questions.  To contact the Division, please call (207) 287-4472 or use the link above.   Upon submission, a public hearing will be scheduled at a regular meeting of the Select Board based on the publishing deadlines of the local newspaper, since the public must be notified of this hearing, so please submit your application to the Town Office 2 weeks in advance.  If this is the first application, the Select Board does request that you attend the Public Hearing in case any questions may arise.

Special Amusement Permit for entertainment
Businesses serving liquor and providing entertainment are required to hold a special amusement permit, pursuant to State of Maine statute Title 28A.

Special Amusement Permits must be renewed annually and the permit expires on the same day as the holders liquor license.

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