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Special Town Meeting on January 25th, 2021

Town Meeting Results 01.25.21

The Town of Camden will be holding a Special Town Meeting on Monday, January 25th, 2021, to vote on several energy efficiency improvements/upgrades to several town buildings. 

Voters will be asked to vote on the following:
1 - To elect a Moderator for the Special Town Meeting.
2- To authorize the Town Manager to execute a Performance Contracting Agreement with Siemens Industry, Inc. with certain Performance Guarantees, to upgrade multiple public buildings, increase energy efficiency, and reduce long term energy demands and costs.
3- In the event the Performance Contracting Agreement is approved, authorizing the Town Manager to execute a Financing Agreement/Loan with Siemens Industry, Inc. in a total not to exceed $2,335,193, as amortized over a 17 year-period and with an annual interest rate not to exceed 2.1%, to fund the energy efficiency work and improvements described in the Performance Contracting Agreement.
4 - To fund the up-front initial costs of the Performance Contracting Agreement by drawing and paying to Siemens Industry, Inc., at the appropriate time, the sum of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000) from the Unassigned Fund Balance.  This equates to 4% of Camden existing Unassigned Fund Balance.
5-  ADVISORY ONLY: That the Town of Camden recognizes the diverse challenges facing the region as a result of climate change as well as the ambitious emissions reduction goals set by the State of Maine and now signed into law.  LD 1679 established the Maine Climate Council and charged it with developing a plan to significantly reduce Maine's greenhouse gas emissions.  This report is now complete and the Town of Camden is committed to working with State government and other partners to implement the recommendations laid out.  Beyond reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the Town of Camden also supports the Maine Climate Council's recommendation to focus on several other key goals as outlined in the report:
  • Create economic opportunity as we undertake climate and energy transitions.
  • Prepare our communities, people, and economy for the impacts of climate change like rising sea levels, increased flooding, and changing weather conditions.
  • To advance equity as we undertake this work, to ensure communities and citizens who are often left behind can benefit from climate solutions by having access to opportunities and protection from threats.
The building energy efficiency upgrades including the following:
All Buildings
  • Development and  Engineering                                                $324,283
Camden Opera House
    • Lighting Retrofit                                                                           $  72,016
    • Basement Moisture Membrane                                          $  30,811
    • Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostats                                    $  14,602
    • O2 Prime                                                                                           $  10,050
    • Roof Replacement                                                                       $461,773
Camden Public Library
    • Lighting Retrofit                                                                           $ 66,388
    • Building Envelope – Air Sealing/Attic Insulation       $31,120
    • Building Automation System Upgrade                            $126,000
    • Oil Tank Removal and Propane Tank                                 $262,069
    • Oil Tank Removal & New Propane Tank                          $ 30,000
    • O2 Prime                                                                                           $ 18,039
Camden Public Safety Building
    • Lighting Retrofit                                                                           $58,136
    • New Heat Pumps                                                                         $62,069
Camden Public Works
    • Lighting Retrofit                                                                           $46,903
    • Building Envelop - Air Sealing                                               $ 12,703
    • New Office Heat Pump                                                             $  4,482
Camden Snow Bowl
    • Lighting Retrofit – Lodge                                                           $ 61,903
    • Lighting Retrofit - Existing Trail                                             $137,102
    • Building Envelope - Air Sealing                                               $ 1,154
    • Front Window Replacement                                                     $  26,631
    • Geothermal Heating & Cooling System                                 $544,368
Camden Wastewater
    • Lighting Retrofit - Garage                                                          $  20,95

The total investment for these improvements is $2,335,193, which is proposed to be financed through a 17 year loan at a 2.043% interest rate.  The upgrades will create $1,071,618 in guaranteed energy and operational savings over the 17 year term of the loan.  The average cost of the annual debt service on this loan will be $103,065 after the average annual guaranteed energy and operational savings of $63,036 is subtracted.  

For more detailed information on the cash flow for this project please click here.

For copies of the performance contract documents please click here.

For more detailed information on the details of the building improvements and energy upgrades this project entails, please click here.

For the warrant article language, please click here.

For instructions on how to participate in this Special Town Meeting, please click here.

To view the Select Board's discussion on the project please see the video  from their December 1st meeting below starting at minute 4:11 and their December 15th meeting below starting at minute 48:54:

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