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03-08-2021 UPDATE: Responses by Proposers to Questions

The following are responses provided by the entities who submitted proposals to questions posed by community members and Town Officials 
Northland Responses
Habitat for Humanity Responses
Cranesport Responses
Friends of Tannery Park Responses

After years of environmental remediation and planning for future use, the Town of Camden is in the process of evaluating proposals for the use of  the former Apollo Tannery site that will be put to residents for a vote. 

In partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency's Brownfields Clean Up Program, and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, a plan for final clean up activities will be developed and implemented to accommodate the plan chosen by voters for how this site will be used.

The following are proposals for the use of the Tannery: 
Northland-Dovetail Consulting
Cranesport, LLC
Midcoast Habitat for Humanity
Friends of Tannery Park 

An analysis and evaluation of these proposals by Camden's Community and Economic Development Committee (CEDAC) can be found here: CEDAC Report on Review of Tannery Proposals.

Information on the impact of each proposal on the Town's tax assessed value and likely property tax revenue can be found here:  Memo from Camden Assessor on Taxable Value Estimations and Analysis of Taxable Value by Proposal.

For more information on discussions around the evaluations of these proposals for the use of this site, please watch the following CEDAC Meetings:

To view the Select Board workshop with parties who submitted proposals please view the following:

The following are questions and comments submitted by community members about each proposal:
Habitat for Humanity 
Friends of Tannery Park

Tannery Site Remediation Summary:
The anticipated remedial alternative for the Site is generally described as a cover system (with concrete slab removal) with hot spot soil removal. MEDEP-approved cover systems would be installed over the impacted soils on the Site to prevent human contact with the impacted soils. Cover systems will be designed based on the various proposed redevelopment features and existing Site conditions. Any new proposed building, paved parking area, proposed concrete walkways and patios, and even landscaped areas should be constructed as engineered cover systems with marker layers and adequate cover material to meet the MEDEP’s requirement. Example possible covers systems are shown on Figure 1.

For each of the redevelopment scenarios, the Town of Camden would design and install a portion of the overall cover system required on the Site that is located in areas that would not be anticipated to be impacted by redevelopment activities (the anticipated area of cover system responsible by the Town for each of the development scenarios is presented within the preliminary cost tables). The developer would then be responsible for installing the appropriate cover system as part of their redevelopment (i.e., landscaping, walkways, building foundations, pavement, etc.). The approximate area of cover system that the developer would complete during their construction (based on very preliminary plans) is also presented within the preliminary cost tables. Additionally, some development scenarios will result in excavation of soils for footings, foundations, utilities, etc. The displaced soils will be required to be disposed offsite (likely as “Special Waste”) or relocated onsite under a cover system. The summary cost table presents an estimate of displaced soil with those likely being disposed offsite. These estimates are very preliminary based on anticipated grades and construction techniques assumed based on the redevelopment plans submitted to the Town of Camden. Some amount of displaced soils may be able to be relocated onsite pending site design.

The Town of Camden would also complete targeted soil removal and cover system construction in the riverbank hotspots at the Site. A stabilized cover system would be installed over the bank of the Megunticook River, including temporary and permanent erosion control measures which would further increase the resiliency of the riverbank in the event of future flooding events. Cover systems and/or excavation extents will be designed and installed to minimize removal of existing trees where possible.

Removal of the existing concrete slabs will also be completed by the Town of Camden if the slabs are deemed no use by the selected developer.

Additional institutional controls/deed restrictions will be necessary to ensure that future construction, remediation, or landscaping at the property would not disturb the engineered cover systems or underlying residual contaminated soil (without notification and consent from the MEDEP). Additionally, a post-closure Cover System Maintenance Plan will need to be prepared and implemented. Upon successful completion of these activities a Certificate of Completion would be issued by the MEDEP Voluntary Remedial Action Plan (VRAP) Program.

Draft cost estimates for the site remediation related to each proposal can be found here.

You can view any historical documents or reports on the Tannery on our Surveys & Reports page.

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